Friday, September 30, 2011

C’mon in! Decorating with orange and gold...

                                                                                     image via pottery barn

Love that black and white door, do you?  I was just going through some of my decorating files, and thought I would share some of my favorite fall photos with you!  Most are from Country Living Magazine torn out over the years!


Now that is a cool looking kitchen chalkboard!  And I love the light fixtures too.


This kitchen is so fun and fall~ish decked out in gold, white, black and red.  Of course I love the  chalkboard, and the dutch door would be soooo much fun!



I think I'm going to have to replicate the pillow in the photo below...


This is the time of year when i wish I could paint my walls gold and accent in orange, black, and white.  Unfortunately, I would want to repaint it again before long in anticipation of the holidays, and then again for spring.  So for now, the walls stay white, and I accent in color for the seasons.

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