Wednesday, September 28, 2011

From Drab to Fab...A Door Makeover...


 Of course I forgot the main "before" picture, but trust me, the door to the garage from the kitchen was anything but Fabulous.  It was a plain cream color from floor to ceiling. In one word... Drab.  It happens to be a sort of focal point in my little kitchen, so I felt I needed to dress it up.

Hello stripes!  I decided that stripes would make a bold statement, so I pulled out my black craft paint, a pencil, ruler, and paint brush. I painted big, fat, black, stripes.  If you look closely (click on the photo to enlarge) I came up with a technique to add some texture.  Before the paint dried, I wiped some of the paint away in spots with a paper towel.

Then I painted the entire door and frame white.  When it dried,  I decided to hang one of my paintings (my canvas painting of cherries~email me if you want one~they come as small as 3 1/2" x 5" and on up in size. Just about any size you would like them, and very reasonably priced...  As  a final touch, I added a black iron architectural detail found in my grandfather's garage!  I can't remember what it is, but I liked it...until it fell on my husband's head!!!


So, I had to come up with something else to cover up the holes in the door.


By the way, I was shopping one day and noticed the awning on this Italian restaurant.  Remind you of anything?  :)

I was loving this bathroom from Pottery Barn, and decided that I needed a number 4 to hang over my cherries.
pottery banr

I found this old frame in my shop that I picked up from the thrift store long ago.  It had a painting in it that I didn't like, so I painted over it, thinking I would just painted the number 4 on...Too time consuming.  I am a very busy mom these days, so I decided to print one on the computer instead.  I used size 12 font in Times new roman for the "no." and Mongolian Bati size 300 for the "4". (just standard fonts)


I printed it off on parchment paper that I picked up at a yard sale long ago, cut it to fit inside the frame, and just mounted it with spray glue.


It does wonders to dress up this previously boring little spot in the kitchen!


Have a great day!  Love, Robyn

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