Monday, September 19, 2011

thrift store cart + kitchen counter = true love


I know you have seen it little thrift store cart.  I used to have it in my entry way, but I was getting tired of it there and looking for something a little bit more formal to put by the front door.

I knew I had a round, mahogany side table in the basement that I picked up at a yard sale for $3 and still hadn't done anything with it yet~so I decided to move it to the entry way.  Initially I was going to paint it, but I decided to leave it dark wood.  It isn't in too bad of condition...


I knew I couldn't get rid of the cart.  I did like it, I just didn't know where to put it.  I had picked it up at the thrift store for around $5, and spray painted it white.  I was about to move it to the basement, when I spied my kitchen counter.  It isn't a really long counter, is pretty boring, and has a fair amount of space at the end, so I decided to try it out there for fun.  I fell in love!  It dresses up my little kitchen, and adds a place to display all of my thrift store vintage luncheon plates, real silver from yard sales, and serving pieces.


Cute, don't you think?


  1. I think it is adorable! I love how you have it decorated too!

  2. Awesome! You know I have the exact same cart painted white also. Do you remember I bought it at a yardsale when we were visiting you guys in Michigan? Right now I have it in the basement. Hummm. I might put it in my laundry room with storage on it. See you soon!

  3. It's adorable! :-) And fits just perfectly in that space.

  4. Great idea, but how about painting it a bright, fun color?

  5. Very cute! It's perfect for the space and adds a little touch of industrial chic too!

  6. looks great there and perfect for those extras you need in a cute with what you've got on it....nice to meet you...following now...Happy Wednesday, M

  7. I love the nice subtle stone look you got! I painted my laminate kitchen countertops recently and I encourage everyone to go for it! You will be so glad you did!

    Kitchen Benchtops


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