Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Popular Halloween Silhouette Repost

In case you missed it last year, I am reposting my VERY popular Halloween home decorating craft!  (6,319 pageviews to date!)

no. 2 and 3 Halloween Silhouettes

Remember the witch silhouette that I showed you how to create here?  I asked if you wanted me to create two more to make a set, and the response was a resounding YES!  So, I got busy and created the witch's cat, and her broom!

Aren't they cute?  I have them displayed vertically, but you could display them horizontally as well. (like on a mantle, bookshelf or on the wall.)

click to enlarge

I have had these old white shutters floating around my house for years now.  I bought two sets of them at Goodwill long ago.  The antique brown chippy wood frame was from a yard sale this summer.  It has three old spotty mirrors that go in the openings, but I haven't decided whether or not I want to reattach them.  For now I am using the frame to house my silhouettes.  I just set them inside the rim where the glass usually goes~so it's not permanent.

Follow the same directions as we did here for the witch.

Remember to copy each image (see below) separately into microsoft word, and enlarge to fill up as much of the page as possible.  (or copy it into picasa and have it fill up the entire frame before you print)  Frame in matching black dollar store document frames.   (oh yeah, if you do it in microsoft word, take a straight edge and continue the broom handle lines to the top of the page, and do the same with the ledge that the cat is sitting on.  It will make sense after you print them)

Have fun!

OH!  If you haven't discovered these Incredible Hooks yet, I highly recommend them!  You will no longer need a hammer and nails to hang things on the walls.  It seems like I am always searching for the hammer.  I bought some at walmart but now they have them at the Dollar Tree for obviously a lot cheaper!
So you could even use these to hang your silhouettes!


  1. Awesome! These are fantastic. Good job!

  2. Pinning this! Thanks!

    Kelli @

  3. this is a neat idea. i'm thinking of what to do with the old cabinet doors i salvaged from my mom's storage, hmmmm

  4. I saw the silhouette last year and loved it! I really like the way you are displaying them right now. Very cute.


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