Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stretching Your Dollar Part 2... Your guide to sales


SAVE money all year long!  Here are some tips for saving money on household items by shopping according to the months that those items will be on sale...

January  Best time to buy sheets, linens, and towels...check out white sales
February Winter clothes, coats and boots  go on sale
March  Small electronics like digital cameras from last year are cheaper because new models are just hitting the stores.
April Deals on cookware and other household items
May Time for yard sales and flea markets!
June deals on gym memberships
July big sales on everything from cars to carpet around the 4th of July
August grills, lawn furniture, gardening supplies
September new computers at a discount and back to school supplies
October last year’s models of home appliances go on sale
November flat screen TVs and toys for the holidays
December the week after Christmas stock up on seasonal items like wrapping paper at deep discounts

Mark your calendars!

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