Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my husband’s fabulous idea…


Recently, to celebrate my birthday, my husband and kids surprised me with a little party.  It was such a fun afternoon...just our little family.  And they made it a day to remember!  I walked in from a meeting (before they expected me) to find them scurrying to finish wrapping a couple of presents and putting the icing on the chocolate 9x13 cake that they had just baked.  (it has to be chocolate!)

Then they sat me down, had me open a couple of presents, and then led me to the family room.  My husband hung a giant cupcake pinata on the end of a broom handle, and handed me a baseball bat.  We each got to take a whack at it.  To my surprise, when it broke, spa like treats came tumbling out instead of candy!  There were all kinds of little lotions, scrubs, shampoos, conditioners, scented hand sanitizers, toothpastes (!), and floating candles.  The goal was to give me a spa treatment.  It was a busy day, so we haven't had time for it yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

I thought it was such a cute idea.  They picked up most of  the "goods" in the sample sized section of Walmart.  The funny thing was, they didn't know it, but I had had my eye on that cupcake pinata to use for a carnival themed activity with the young women at church in January.  (New Beginnings)  We hardly made a dent in it, so now I get to reuse it for our activity!


  1. What a great idea! My husband's birthday is next week, maybe I will fill one with tools (hahahaha!)

  2. Great idea! I never thought of putting something besides candy in a pinata but now the possibilities are endless.

    We must be on the save wave length. We have YW in Excellence tonight. The YW had wanted to do a carnival theme but I suggested we do that for New Beginnings. So I was just thinking about ideas for it today. You'll have to share your plans with me.

  3. Yes, possibilities are endless! What about a bunch of bouncy balls?! That would be fun. Heidi, We made a bunch of big, colorful tissue paper flowers for yw in excellence, and we are going to reuse them for the New Beginnings carnival, to hang from a couple strands of fishing line across the short length of the gym.

    I just went shopping for the rest of the items for New Beginnings so that we could use up our budget before the new year. I bought red and white popcorn paper sacks at the dollar tree, a light blue plastic tablecloth, and some balloons and big punch balls in various colors.

    I also bought a package of tickets at $ tree to make invitations out of. They won't actually use them for anything. Then I bought some white round sticker labels (about size of a penny) at Staples, to stick on the balloons and punch balls randomly so that they are polka dot.

    Target and the dollar tree have red and white polka dot napkins and plates and I picked up some green and white polka dot ones also. (and little dessert plates with cupcakes on them)

    We have a lady in the ward with a cotton candy machine she will bring. I will make some cute little cupcakes (walmart has some cute cupcake liners for cheap-yellow with colored dots in the party section).

    I will assign girls different "informational booths" where they can set up their own individual table and be the expert on telling the parents about upcoming events this year. (one for camp, one for trek, one for the new theme, one for personal progress etc.) For that I bought some white foam core sheets at dollar tree also so that they can decorate them for their "booth". We'll start the evening with talks motivating them about personal progress, and then let them mingle around the booths, and eat. Candy was half price, and I stole from my kids' stashes to put in the pinata.


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