Monday, November 7, 2011

A thrift store match! + a great tip


If I see a skirt or top that I love at the thrift store, and it is still too big for my daughter, I buy it anyway.  A year ago I found this cute navy and white polka dot knit skirt at my local thrift store.  I washed it, stuck it up on a shelf, and waited for her to grow into it.  This fall, she tried it on, and it fit!  I think it cost around $3, and was in great shape!

It reminded me of a tie that my husband wore to a wedding before we got married.  Yep, I looked in his closet, and it was still there!  So, that is what they wore to church the following Sunday.  They loved matching each other!

Here is another little tip.  I found the gray cashmere sweater that she is wearing at the thrift store also.  It was in the Women's sized clothing!  You know, you are not supposed to wash cashmere or it will shrink.  Well, that is exactly what I did~hoping it would shrink to fit my daughter!  And it did!  It is still just as soft as before.  How is that for getting the softest cashmere sweater on a dime?

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  1. Well, how clever are you! Kuddo's to Scott for having a mathcing tie. They look fantastic and bonded?


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