Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quick decorating idea..."eye candy"

Remember these from last year?  I just pulled them out of storage, and the candy is still in good shape!  (I'm such a mean mom...the kids know not to touch them because they are for decoration only!)

To make your own, visit your local thrift store and purchase some fun glass jars with lids, or hunt some down around your house.  (I'm sure you have something that you can use! You can even use a mason jar.)

Stop by the dollar tree to pick up some peppermint sticks and candy, and fill up your jars!  I had to "saw" my peppermint sticks in half with a serrated knife to fit inside my jar, but that was okay... it was like getting 2 peppermint sticks for the price of one!

These look so festive in the kitchen, as long as you can keep the kids away!  There's truly nothing like "eye candy" to decorate with!

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