Thursday, December 22, 2011

For the love of Red…easy DIY ideas!

If you love red as much as I do, this post is for you!


Before I forget, did you print off my free vintage santa gift tags?  I found another way to use them besides attaching them to gifts!  (See above photo).  Add red grosgrain ribbon and tape them to decorative plates, frames, or lamp shades!  Don't you love how the platter turned out above?

Okay, the next time you are at Walmart, pick up some cherry red spray paint.  Look around your house and see if you have any frames, metal bowls, or other things that would look fun and festive with a coat of red paint.  Or the next time you pass a thrift store, check it out and see what you can find.  I found this metal bowl
at a thrift store.  I knew it had potential with a little bit of paint!


It looks completely different decked out in red, doesn't it?  And, I can use it for Valentine's day as well!


Sorry, no before photo on this next one.  But trust me, it was an old yellow plastic framed mirror from a thrift store or yard sale.  I sprayed away....


And it turned into this!


Look around your house for special mementos that you can hang on your Christmas tree as ornaments~like this pair of baby shoes tied up with red ribbon!  As you can see, this idea is from Good Housekeeping.  I actually have these little white shoes.  My daughter wore them when she was blessed as a baby, so I will be finding those soon to hang on our tree.  If not this year, definitely next year.  So sentimental.

christmas ornament

Now, remember how I said that each year I always "think" that I'm going to bake sugar cookies, and then I never do?  Because of that, my vintage cookie cutters never see the light of day.  I had an idea the other day...I'll hang those on my tree too!  Now, even if I don't use them to bake, I can still enjoy them.  Remember these mom?  :)





Happy Holidays everyone.  I'm signing off until next week...


  1. Robyn, two years later I'm looking at this post. I still absolutely love red!!


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