Wednesday, December 14, 2011

school craft shop 2011


Remember my creations for the kid's holiday craft shop last year?  Well, this year my daughter and I noticed that she had a big bag of acrylic craft beads from a yard sale that she hadn't done anything with.  We decided to make bracelets to sell in the shop.  It was time consuming, but a fun project to do together.  We both designed the various patterns, strung them, and attached the clasps.

I had a black velvet skirt that had hardly been worn, so I  cut it up and hot glued the edges to one of my discount store bulletin boards.  Then I hung the bracelets on the bulletin board tacks.


For fun, I took a picture of Grace adorned with the bangles :), printed the photo in my printer using Dollar Tree photo paper, and stuck it in an old 8x10 frame.  For the sale, I propped the bulletin board up in the back with a wooden step stool.  Then we displayed the framed photo on an easel next to the bracelets.


When I went in to pick up any bracelets that didn't sell, I found that they were all gone!  I guess they were a big hit!  Does your local elementary school do holiday craft shops?
BTW,  If you haven't already, don't forget to check out these free video clips!  They are fantastic.

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