Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY college pillow~great gift idea!


Each year my kids draw names and buy inexpensive gifts for each other.  This year I told them that instead of buying something, they needed to make something for their siblings.  My daughter wanted to make something special for her two brothers.  Knowing that they are big BYU fans, I suggested that we sew them each a BYU pillow.

I had a couple of travel pillows, and lots of scrap fabric.  I knew it would be an inexpensive gift, and that they would love their pillows and display them proudly on their beds!  Grace helped me find some navy blue and white fabric.  For each pillow, we cut two pieces the size of the pillow form.  Then we found the "Y" logo on the internet.  To save time, I actually put computer paper on the screen and lightly traced the Y in pencil.

I pinned it to the white fabric and cut it out.  Then we centered it on one piece of the blue fabric with pins, and sewed all around the edge of the Y onto the fabric with white thread.  I used a really tight zigzag stitch, so it wouldn't unravel and would look nice.

Then we put the two pieces of blue fabric rectangles together (right sides together) and sewed around three sides (leaving one end open to put the pillow into).  We finished the open edge, and then folded it down about one half inch.  Then we sewed it down with a straight stitch.

Put the pillow in, and we were done!  The boys love them.  With graduation around the corner I got to thinking...wouldn't this be a perfect graduation gift?


  1. Oh wow, thank you! I am going to attempt this as gift for my Brother. He has long graduated from college, but would love something like this. What a wonderful idea!

    1. Thanks! Have fun! I"m sure he will love it. :)


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