Friday, February 24, 2012

~thrift store canister makeover~


Here is a simple little decoupage project that I did for my laundry room.  I found this inexpensive canister at my local thrift store.  I loved the color of it, and decided that I could put my powdered detergent in it that I use for gettin out stains.


Instead of removing the Martha Stewart label, I decided to turn the canister around (no one will see the back when it's on the shelf right?) and decoupage a new label.  I chose a French printout that I have had for ages, but I'm sure you can find something similar to print such as these that I found on pinterest...

 (For the link to these free beauties, click here on pinterest)

Or for these printables, click here

Freebies Labels Kit in Old Style



Simply print and cut out the image, then center and decoupage it onto the canister.  Easy right?  

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