Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Bouquet for $15.00


Does this metal door basket look familiar?  That is because it's the same one from this recent post, it's just disguised with a new coat of paint.  I didn't really care for the yellow, so I painted it a robin's egg blue color with some left over paint.  (Actually, the paint was given to me by my neighbor last year.  I love free stuff that I can really use!)

The branches in the basket  didn't look so great after about a week, so I decided I needed something that would last much longer.  Something bright and cheerful to welcome my guests from spring through summer.  I stopped over at Hobby Lobby last week and picked handfuls of silk flowers.  I sat in the corner of the store (I'm sure they thought I was nuts) and played around with different combinations until I found just the right one.  I bought them at full price, but didn't take the tags off, because I had a hunch that they would be on sale this week.  Sure enough...they were 50% off, so I took them in for a price adjustment.

Would you like to learn how easy it was to make?



First, I just plopped in one of these bushes...


Followed by one of these...


I spread the leaves out a little bit, and then added 1 big orange rose, 2 yellow gerbera daisies, 1 pink gerbera daisy, and a pink peony (I already had).  I cut the stems down a bit, and then I just inserted each one individually and bent the heads down a bit.  The daisies were $1.67 regular price, the rose was about $6.00, and the two green bushes about $10.00 each.  TAKE 50% OFF, AND YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BOUQUET FOR $15.00!  Sometimes, just for fun, I turn the door hanger to the inside of the house so I can enjoy my bouquet inside.  You can also put the arrangement in a vase.  I love the sherbet colors!


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