Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to make a classic, inexpensive, architectural detail for your own home…


And...for less than $15!  
I posted this decorating idea awhile ago, but in case you missed it~I decided to re post it.   This is a great time of year to start "prettying" up the outside of your house, and it would be the perfect gift for Mother's Day!  If you would like more Mother's Day DIY gift ideas, click on the Michael's ad above this post.
I made this monogrammed hanging pendant a couple of years ago, and after weatheringmany northeastern rain, snow, and ice storms, it still looks great!  I wanted something to hang that would add character to my house along with the iron details that I put above the windows.  I used two 8" unfinished wood circle plaques like Elise did here from Michaels arts and crafts.  If you were to look on the other side of the plaque, you would see the same thing...the same border and monogram.  I wanted it visible from both sides.  You may choose to monogram one side only.  This would look beautiful hanging inside as well!

Note that the Michaels ad is running with this post, to give you even more ideas for projects!

Monogrammed Pendant

You will need two unfinished wood circle plaques from Michaels. (only place I can find them)
One iron plant hanger (mine was $2.50 from Walmart in the garden center)
a couple of eye hooks
wood glue
about 20" of chain (cut into two pieces)
white paint
black craft paint
polyeurethane, or clear water based protective sealer.

First, I gave the plaques a couple of coats of white semi gloss paint that I already had on hand. If you want you can paint just the "faces" on the plaques since the flat back sides will be glued together.  Just be sure to paint the sides well.  Let dry.

Then I penciled a border in a half inch from the beveled edge on the face side of each plaque.  The font that I used for the monogram is called Edwardian Script ITC. (it should be a standard font~it came with my computer).   I enlarged it, and then free handed it onto both plaques.  If you are not comfortable with free handing it, you can enlarge it in photoshop, or take it to a copy center, and then make a stencil.

I took black acrylic craft paint and painted the border, the edges, and the monogram.

After it dried, I lined up both plaques, back to back, making sure that both monograms were facing upright.  then I put a coat of wood glue on each flat back, and adhered them to each other.  Put a decent amount of glue, but not too much that it will seep out when you put pressure on it.  I put them on paper and then put books or something heavy on top while they dry.

After the glue has dried (I would let it dry over night), spray or paint on a clear coat of protective sealer.

When dry, drill two holes in top making sure that they line up with the "dips" in the plant hanger and put in the eye hooks.  Mount your plant hanger, hang the chains from the eye hooks and wrap around the plant hanger.  Depending on the plant hanger that you use, the inside chain will probably need to be cut smaller.  Use wire cutters to adjust and connect links.

There you have it!  I think it looks like something that would be from Ballard Designs catalog, but made for a fraction of the price.  And I like the satisfaction that comes from making something myself!

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