Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shabby Chic is still in...and Look what I scored!

Good bye pink.  Hello purple.   It has only been one year since we painted my daughter's room pink.
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Recently, she informed my husband and I that she wanted an "archival library" in her bedroom and that she wanted the walls to be purple.  The first question we asked was, "What is an archival library, and why do you want one?"  She said, "You know, bookshelves with LOTS of encyclopedias and almanacs.  I want one so I can sit in my room and learn about lots of things."

Okay, so she has an educational purpose, but encyclopedias?  Really?  If I ever did own a set, they would be long gone by now.  I tried (along with her brothers) to tell her that we don't need encyclopedias any more since we have the internet.  That answer wouldn't suffice.  So, we sat down and looked on craigslist to see if we could find any (for cheap!)  Nothing.  Then we called the thrift store.  They told us they had a complete set of brown Britannica ones for $24, and they happened to be half price that week.

I stopped in and picked up the whole set for $12.00, thinking that was great because I wasn't about to pay a penny more to lug all those home.  Then I started looking around on the Internet, and found that they have stopped printing Britannica encyclopedias, and they are now of great worth!  It was then that I realized that Grace might  be on to something!  Not only that, but she had to do some research for school lately, and her brother was using our one and only computer for his school assignment, so they came in handy.

Purple.  I told myself I would never paint my daughter's room purple.  I had some major reconsidering to do.  I was never really in love with her pink room, and I hadn't really spent much time and money in the furnishings.  So, I decided I would redo it.  

We picked up some paint swatches and I watched as she picked out the brightest, boldest purples she could find.  I picked out some muted ones with gray in them at the same time.  We taped them to her wall, and looked at them for a week.  It told her we would have to compromise.  After agreeing on a color (a deep dark purple) I went to Walmart and bought a gallon.  I just finished painting it, and I am so proud of myself.  I have mastered the art of painting, and was able to complete the entire room with only one gallon!!!!  That included two coats of paint.  

I found a chair, and two barrister book cases.  The plan is to slipcover the chair white, and take down her ceiling fan to be replaced with a chandelier from a yard sale that I need to paint and add crystals to.  I have great idea for a rug that I will tell you about later.

Of course I have to do this all on a budget.  And I knew I would have to replace her duvet cover.

GUESS WHAT?  I scored!  I was in good will and found a reversible simply shabby chic duvet cover for $15.99!  I had no idea it was simply shabby chic, but I knew I really liked it, and it would go with the purple walls. Then a couple days later, I wandered down the aisle at Target and FOUND THE EXACT SAME ONE for $80.00!!!  There was a huge shabby chic display, and her lilac comforter was sitting right there.  The one from good will looked great, and I had washed and sanitized it well. (added a little ammonia to the hot water cycle).  A used one was well worth the savings to me.  Since it was in the display, it was probably never even used.

So, we are in the thick of it.  I will show photos when it is completed.  Speaking of shabby chic, did you see the new dresses I designed for a customer on Etsy?  I've decided to start putting a pocket right in the very middle of the apron.  The little girls love to stick things in their pockets!


This one was designed for a little 3 year old who is having a "strawberry" birthday party.  Doesn't that sound cute?  Her mom wanted a dress that was red and green to go with her theme, yet also versatile so that she could wear it after the party...


Time to get back to work!

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