Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Staging" Cozy Bed Nooks with Plywood!

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built-in kids bed
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I have some amazing photos to share with you.  This first photo uses a plywood cornice mounted wall to wall along with curtains to make a cozy little nook.  If this concept would have worked in my daughter's room, I would have done it in a heart beat!  It didn't work because adjacent to the wall where I want her bed to be, stands a mirrored, sliding door closet, which takes up most of the wall.

Don't you love the old beam?  I've thought about installing them in my house to add some character.  (smaller, less heavy, pine ones...then staining them to look old with apple cider vinegar like I did my signs in this post!)

Here is a rounded plywood version...that looks like it is mid room!  They must have used two identical plywood cornices to make a sort of ally in the middle of the room.  And, if they didn't... they should have!

Pinned Image

This blogger tells how she built a plywood stage around a rolling lack shelf to give the bed the appearance of looking built-in. (click on the image source below the photo to learn more)

built in bed look

It's been months, I know, but my daughter's room is almost completed.  I just have to finish hanging crystals on the chandelier, and finish one of the drapes.  It is definitely cozy, and she loves it.  It was her birthday present last week.  I promise, I will take share pictures soon!


  1. I love those little bed nooks. I'd just want to crawl in with a good book and stay there for days! Mimi

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