Saturday, September 29, 2012

Flea Market Finds


Thursday was my first trip to a "real" flea market.  A friend and I went to Renningers Antiques and Collectors Extravaganza.  It was pretty incredible.  It took us hours to walk the entire market, and when we left, we still hadn't seen it all.  I think I scored some pretty great things.

The vintage suitcase was $5!  I should have taken a better photo of it.  It is beautiful inside and out, and it is in great condition.  The wooden pediment like piece in front of the suitcase was from an old mirror...  $15.  It will go inside my house...above the front door.  It is the exact width of the door.  I can't decide if I want to paint it or not.  What do you think?  If I do, maybe a pale robin's egg blue???  The black window-well I love it, but I'm not sure what I will do with it yet!  It didn't fit where I had envisioned putting it.  My friend bought one too, so we got a deal for the set.  She is going to put hers above her sofa with photos of her kids.

We found a vendor with lots of jewelry.  It was fun to dig through her stuff.  We arrived at her booth about 9:00 a.m., and she told us that we had just missed the rush.  In the previous hour, she had sold $1000 worth of jewelry!  People were lined up with baskets at check out.   I found these beautiful earrings for $1.00.  I think I will re purpose them as hair pins for Grace's hair.  Wouldn't that be pretty?


I love old fans, but they are so expensive!  I found this green one for $20.  The man plugged it in, and it worked great-even oscillated.  I plan to spray paint it black and put it in the guest bedroom.

The big dog is a vintage cast iron door stop that has been painted.  I don't love the paint job, so I will either distress it with steel wool, or paint it gray, black or cream. I talked the vendor down from$15 to $8!  We saw other cast iron dog door stops throughout the show for over $100!  I"ll show you how he looks after his makeover.  :)


I know this is a bad photo of the vintage glass salt and pepper shakers, but I love them.  They will look perfect in my kitchen.  I have been looking for a new set since my strawberry ones broke.  I was happy when I noticed they were only a dollar for the set!


The vintage dog.  I love him.  My daughter and I picked some up at a yard sale this summer for 50 cents a piece.  I loved them so much, I decided to start a collection!  I have surprised myself at this sudden interest in dogs.  You know my kids would do anything for a dog.  Remember this post when my son mowed the word dog in our grass and made a power point presentation on why we should get a dog?  Maybe I feel bad.  Maybe deep down I feel that if I buy dog figurines, that will count and I won't feel guilty!

I am very picky about my dogs.  I won't buy just any dog.  Most of the ones I buy were made in Japan.  I haven't researched the year that they were made, but sometime I might.  For now, I know them by look.  This guy was $4.00.  I'll have to show you my collection.


Finally, my most exciting find of the day?  A vintage cap gun with caps.  I even tried it out right before I bought it!  I think it will go in my son's Christmas stocking.  We bought a new one for him on our recent trip to Cape May, and he loved it!  Oops, he just caught a glimpse and said, "Mom, what is that?"  I just scrolled up the page and said, "what?"  He said, "oh, I just thought I saw a picture of something...."  Thank goodness he just got distracted!



  1. Love it all! Paint the pediment wood thing for above the door and don't paint the fan. That is what I think. That fan is a great color!

  2. You bought so many nice things, love the S&P, so cute and love the color! I'd paint the pediment too it will probably stand out more.


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