Thursday, December 13, 2012

Countdown to Christmas Vignette # 2 The foyer


I forgot to show you what I did on the mailbox.  Long ago I showed you a couple of faux pine swags that I picked up at a yard sale.  I put them over a couple of doorways (sorry can't find the post to remind you), but I was never quite satisfied with how they looked.  So this year, I bent one of them around the mailbox, added some fresh green trimmings left over from our tree, and a red ribbon.  The second swag went over the Master bed~which you will see soon.

In the foyer, I kept things pretty simple for the home tour.  (especially because it is not a very big space). The only Christmas decoration there, is perhaps the most significant...the nativity.  A simple reminder of what the season is really all about, and where our focus should be.

The entry table was from a yard sale down the street.  I switched out the knobs with decorative wrought iron handles from Hobby Lobby.  The antique gilded frame is actually a shadow box that my grandmother gave me long ago.  It had two glass shelves in it that I took out.  The lamp was a brass yard sale find that I spray painted a stone color, and the lamp shade was from The Christmas Tree Store.


The column of pictures was a recent project.  I don't have a lot of photos of my family around the house, so I decided to find some of my favorites to display in a sort of collage. (The plaster embossed piece under the top two pictures was from TJ Maxx long ago.  It was brown and I painted it white.  It is really heavy, a pain to hang, and has survived many moves!  But I still love it after all these years.  The photos were all printed from my computer on Dollar Tree photo paper (I edited them to black and white first).  I will change them out periodically.  Notice the wrought iron fencing above the doorways?  Well, they're not really wrought iron at all. (see this post for the scoop!)  They bring your eye upward and make standard 8 foot ceilings look much taller.


The reason why I think my "gallery wall" worked is because all the frames are either the same white or  cream color.  I got tired of having so many unused frames sitting in my basement.  So I hauled them out to the garage, took out the backing and glass, and gave them all a good coat of Rustoleum heirloom white paint.



The little round frame had its debut in this post.  :)


Oh yeah, and there is the round wooden plaque I made my open sign with!  (See it is good to spray as many things at once that you can!)


Even the return vent!  (That old thing really needed a fresh coat of paint)

I have to share this picture of my grandma.  Isn't she pretty?  I have always loved this picture of her.  Ever since I saw it in her house when I was a little girl.



So there you have it.  There is my foyer.  :)  I hope you liked it!  Today I backed over a Christmas package in my driveway.  That is the second time that I have done that.  For some reason my postman keeps leaving them in front of my garage door.  Right behind my car where I would have to get out and look for them everyday before I back out of the garage!  Fortunately nothing was damaged except the badly mangled boxes.  I hope your gift giving is off to a better start than mine!

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