Monday, December 17, 2012

Countdown to Christmas Vignette #3 Piano room


This year, I tried to "edit" my Christmas decorations.  I don't think we really need as many decorations as we think we do...adding just a little bit of red and some fresh greenery goes a long way.  Otherwise I think things can look too cluttered.  So,  I spray painted some more frames red (did you miss this post on fun things to spray paint?), and added fresh bough clippings from my tree and red ball ornaments.  I didn't know what else to put in this wooden tray, so an empty, wrapped box was the perfect space filler! I think it looks really pretty, and I can pull it out every year with the rest of the decorations if I store it carefully.  (Don't forget to pick up your gift wrap from here after the holiday!)

If you walk in the front door, and you are standing in the foyer, to the left is my "piano room"...

Two walls are painted robin's egg blue, and the other two are painted creamy gold.  They were all blue, until I felt like it was too much blue, so I decided to break up the blue with the cream.  Those are candy canes next to the piano.  I love to decorate with candy canes!  They are inexpensive, and add that pop of sweet red and white that is so fun.


The old windows in this room were from the neighbor's trash!  The Merry Christmas sign came from the Christmas Tree Store.  Lamp was from a yard sale, and the lighted snow globe (glitter globe) from the thrift store.  You can wind up the globe to play Christmas music, and it looks so beautiful at night when the light from the lamp shines down on the nearly transparent nativity)  The candles and hurricanes come from the Dollar tree.  The little Christmas tree was from Pottery Barn after Christmas sale a few years ago.  I spray painted the piano light chrome, and I spray painted the basket black.  It was red, and I have had it for years. Oh, I love spray paint!  Of course, the milk glass throughout the room was collected from thrift stores as well.


For the centerpiece on the table, I filled the bowl from the yard sale with fresh clementines and fresh pine clippings.  Then I added the red ornaments.  I just realized I didn't get a picture of my tree!  Well, it looks pretty similar to last years tree except it is real!  :)  Most of the decorations are the same.


I hung one of my sleigh ride signs from more old windows, and then put vintage snowflake ornaments in some of the window panes.  I love vintage snowflake ornaments.  I have quite the collection of them.  I usually pick them up at church rummage sales.


My favorite is the middle one...doesn't it look like a fancy sugar cookie?  You can't tell in picture,  but they are glittered.


The winter sign came from the grocery store!  It ends up staying on the wall year round with my dancing  black bears.


I've decided that I like the minimalist approach to Christmas decorating.  From now on, I will only put out my favorite pieces that will have the most impact!


  1. Can't wait to see it in person this weekend.
    So pretty

  2. Hello! Can you tell me the name of color paint you used for the blue room in picture #2? Thank yoU!


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