Friday, March 8, 2013

30 minute rit dye upcycle


So, ...I asked my tween, "Why don't you ever wear your khaki pants?  And she said, "Mom, nobody
wears pants like that to school"...

Okay, ....well I thought that khaki's never went out of style, which is why I bought them at the start
of the school year.  Apparently, they are not the trend right now.  I should have known, because
everywhere I look, I see fun, bright colored jeans.  Yellow, blue, green, orange...

I was about to throw them in the good will box, when I remembered that I had a box of rit dye that I
had never used.  And, it was just the right color for the pants that are "in" right now for spring.


I pulled out a big plastic storage bin and smacked some rubber gloves on my hands.  I filled the plastic
tub with hot water and salt according to the package directions.  *Make sure that if you use powdered dye,
you let the granules completely dissolve before adding the clothing or it will leave dye spots*  Then I
submerged the pants...agitating them them every few minutes with my gloved hands.  After about 30 minutes,
or until the color was what I wanted it to be, I rinsed the dye off the pants in the bath tub, and then washed
them in the washing machine with a little detergent.  (again, according to the package directions).

She loves them, and I love that I saved a perfectly good pair of pants!

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