Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shabby Bunny Crackle Finish with Elmer's Glue


Good Morning!  Grace and I just returned from a church rummage sale...We love those!  It is so fun to dig for treasures.  One of my greatest finds was a leather bag with Canon camera lenses.  I'm not sure if they will work on my DSLR Canon~does anyone know?  I still have to look into it.  Either way, for $3.00, I couldn't pass it up.  We found all kinds of vintage jars and lace/trim, and a vintage daisy umbrella.  Of course, Grace came away with some of her own treasures as those bamboo wall calendars from the 1980's, bells, books, and pink John Lennon glasses! lol

I can't believe how fast this month has gone.  Before long, it will be Easter!  I wanted to show you how I made my Shabby Chic Bunny in my Etsy Shop.  You see, he was just a plain old resin bunny before I distressed him.  I knew there was a way to make a crackle finish using Elmer's glue, so I googled it and found the full tutorial here.


The great thing is, you can use generic glue, like you get at the dollar store.  I painted him with glue,
and then let the glue dry just until it was tacky (that is really important).  Then I painted him 
with a coat of off white paint, and watched it "crackle"!


It was a little too "uniformly crackled" for my liking, so I ended up sanding it a bit also.




Have you ever used this technique?  If so, what have you used it on?


  1. OH MY! I can not wait to try this! Your bunny turned out adorable!

  2. So cute! Also I'm totally jealous of your camera lens find. I think they will work -although the focal length (I think this is the right term) may not be what is printed on the lens. . .it may be slightly more or less magnified than it states. I've been keeping my eyes oopen at garage sales for these gems!!! Fun.

  3. p.s. You can send me the lenses if they don't work on your camera!!! ;) OK cousin???


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