Monday, April 29, 2013

I had to tap dance for the goose and the goslings

Good morning!  I am back home from a much needed getaway.  My husband had a business trip in Southwest Florida last week, and I joined him there for a few days.  While it was a lot of work making sure the kids were situated before we left, the time spent relaxing in the sun was well worth it.  We stayed at a resort in Bonita Springs (on the gulf side), but enjoyed trips to Ft. Meyers, and Naples.  The sunsets were gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and the beaches were amazing.  I had never seen so many shells in my life!

I found this cute goose and her goslings at a thrift store.  Everything in the store was 40% off, IF you danced at the checkout!  With No music playing!   I debated, but  knew if I wanted the geese for $1.50, I would have to dance a little jig.  The old guy ahead of me in line did a little tap dancing.  If he could do it, I could do it.  It didn't matter what you did, but I knew a few tap dancing moves myself from a class that I took in college!  And so I did.  I did a little tap dancing right there at the register with no music, all for a gaggle of geese!

I knew they would fit perfectly on the shelf in the bathroom.  Would you have done it?  Would you have danced?


  1. Cute Robyn! And I am sooooo glad you and Scott had a wonderful time in Florida! Yay!

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