Friday, May 31, 2013

Moon Winks

Every now and then you run across a real treasure.  Years ago, my grandfather (who has since passed away) gave me some of his sheet music.  He was a very talented musician and played in many bands.  He played the trombone, and was known to have "perfect pitch".  In fact, he wrote in his personal history about a funny experience that he had when he was in the first grade.

He said, " I was very young, and I remember the long array of ham radio equipment that my Dad dabbled with.  He also was very much interested in music and  in the town band which used to rehearse in the waiting room in the NP depot.  I remember sitting there listening to them and being quite bored.  Evidently some of his scale practice must have had some effect on my ears as I very distinctly remember being asked to stand and recite the ABC's in the first grade.  I rose and started A, B, C etc.-raising each succeeding letter in tonal pitch with the  correct sequence of tones and half-tones, so as to form a major scale, with the letters of the alphabet as the lyrics.  I knew enough letters to soon reach the limit of my voice range and my voice thinned out and quavered and I stopped,-confused.  I think that was the only time that I wasn't laughed at for doing something stupid.  Perhaps the other kids were bewildered- wondering if they too were going to have to sing their ABC's.  Everyone was quiet.  Then my teacher said, "perhaps you had better start over."
That time I recited the letters in a straight monotone." :)

I remember Grandpa singing, showing me his trombone, and listening to me practice piano.  When he gave me the sheet music (or maybe it was Grandma), I didn't try to play the songs.  Instead, I tucked them away.  Not long ago, I ran across them and decided to play a few.  It turns out I am in love with "Moon Winks".  It is such a fun song to play.  And, I adore the picture on the cover.  I thought about framing the art, but then I couldn't play it!  Maybe I will copy it sometime.

And, look at what else I found!   LOL

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