Monday, July 1, 2013


Happy First of July!  Do you like my Cake sign?  I found this framed piece of paneling at 

a yard sale a while back.  I picked it up at the same time as this one that I turned into my Olde English Cottage sign.  I have absolutely no idea what the two framed pieces were intended to be used for, but knew they would come in handy for some project!  I painted the background a vanilla cream color, and the word Cake in pale turquoise.  I got the idea from a local cupcake shop.  They had "Cake." painted in huge letters on one wall of the shop.   It turned out so cute, but unfortunately appears washed out in the photograph because I'm not able to photograph it in manual mode with better accuracy.  My friend snatched it up before I could list it in the shop.  I will probably make some more soon.  It looks so cute in the kitchen!

Have a great day!


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