Saturday, July 27, 2013

the race for the george foreman grill

Yard sales.  It seems I'm excited and ready to go early in spring, and then the excitement wears off quickly near the beginning of summer.  I did find some great deals this year, Old Navy backpacks for school, clothes for the kids, and lots more.  I have never really looked for clothes before, but I found nearly new brand name (aeropostale, nike etc.) t shirts, sweatshirts, shorts etc. for both Grace and Ty.  We don't need to do much school shopping this year because we already found so much this spring!  I'll have to remember this for next year.  I also picked up the bean bag game above for $3.00.  We used to play with a similar set that my grandpa made when I was younger.  It's a fun game for parties.  We just need to make some fun bean bags to go with it.  I think I will put Grace to work...sewing bean bags are her specialty with the sewing machine. :)  I just I know exactly what to do with that yellow and white chevron fabric that has been sitting in my fabric stash for the past several months!  Don't you think that would be cute with the gray game boards?   I also found a croquet and bocce ball set...had been thinking about buying one but didn't want to pay full retail price.

Do you use an electric can opener?  I didn't until I found this one for a dollar.  :)  It will hopefully save me from getting carpal tunnel syndrome in the near future.  Even my Pampered Chef hand opener was a pain.

And, the George Foreman grill.  That's a funny story.  I used ours until the nonstick surface started coming off.  I loved grilling chicken, burgers, and paninis on it.  I finally had to throw it away.  I didn't want to pay full price for another.  I saw one in good condition at a church rummage sale. Just as I reached for it, a lady grabbed it and said assertively,  "It's mine!"  It was a bag sale at that point in the day which meant that everything you could fit in a bag cost a flat $5.00. And, she was a mad woman gathering all the kitchen appliances she could get her hands on!  I left feeling a little disappointed because I knew I could really use a new one! Then, later on, I found this one at a yard sale for $2.00.  It was nearly new and I was so happy!

I picked up this wire trash can, thinking I could put it over a chandelier...kind of like this one

from here or this one.

But not just with a light bulb...with a chandelier.  I have a little one that would be so perfect.

But, until I am highly motivated or can convince my husband to hang another chandelier, it will sit in Grace's room and be used for what it was made for.  How have you fared this summer with yard sales?


  1. I picked up an awesome apple green upholstered arm chair for $5. It stunk like old person house but I loved the green! So I sprayed Febreeze like crazy and when I save up some money and time I'm going to reupholster it in green...or maybe grey. Teehee. But the best was an old school chalkboard that's 6'x4'- green board with solid oak trim- for $4. It's in my living room. Love yard sales!

  2. Cool, Becca! I wish I could see your chair and especially the chalkboard~I'll bet it looks great in your living room. I think you should do the chair in gray! I would LOVE a gray chair. :) I've been thinking a gray sofa would be nice too...


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