Sunday, August 18, 2013

cutting the apron strings

At the church rummage "bag sale"  I mentioned in this post, I ended up bringing home a few odds and ends.  One of those things has influenced my life in a very positive way.  It was this little old book published by Hallmark in 1977 by Helen Mallicoat.

I picked it up because it had some pretty little watercolor paintings in it that I thought I could do something with.  Weeks later, I picked it up and started thumbing through the pages.  What I found, was a great least, for me.

In the introduction to the book, Helen Mallicoat wrote, "For several years, God has been teaching me lessons and giving me advice through dreams, visions and direct conversations.  He has been my Friend, Counselor, Physician, Teacher and Saviour.  But the lessons God has taught me are not for my use alone. Just as His Words have helped and comforted me, I know they can help others as well. That is why I have written down His Words for everyone to share."

Many of the entries were meaningful to me.  But there is one that I recall over and over again as my 16 year old becomes more independent.  Recently he got his driver's license and began driving the 30 minute highway commute to the amusement park he works at...the latest example of cutting the apron strings more and more over the years. Then another snip of the ties as he drove someone else in the car other than family members on a date.  With each new independent milestone, I keep recalling this entry in Helen's book on trusting God...

"A grandson was living with us.  He was gone this night.  It was late.  There was no way of finding where he was.  I prayed, I worried.  Finally my Teacher said, "I know where he is.  He knows where he is, and you don't need to know."  A joyous confidence came to me.  How peace-giving it is to trust our children with their Father."

This thought gives me peace because I believe it is truth.  The Lord has spoken to me before too.  I know that He would say the same thing of my son, and it gives me peace when I worry.  I trust that God is looking out for him, no matter what.  Even through his challenges and struggles.  And the difficulties he has yet to face in life. I am grateful that Helen shared her experiences in an effort to bless others' lives.  No matter what religion we are, truth is truth, and God will let us know this in our hearts.  As a modern prophet of our faith, Brigham Young once said,


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