Wednesday, October 23, 2013

plywood subfloors

Well, I took up the carpet in my sun room.  My husband wanted to wait until we got started on the tile, but I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.   It wasn't too bad, just a bit tedious pulling out all of the staples and nails.  I cut the carpet up into squares and put it out with the trash.  Some of it I took out to the township dump during our city's clean up day.

Once I started taking the carpet up, I realized I kind of like the sub floor better than the carpet!  Sarah Susanka actually showed a home with a "finished" plywood sub floor and they were beautiful!  I guess if it is in good condition, you can do lots of things with it.  KariAnne, did a beautiful job painting her plywood sub floors over at Thistlewood Farms.  Check it out.  And, my white painted sub floor at the top of my stairs has held up great!  That being said, my hardwood is in, and I am excited to have the real thing.  We just need to schedule a time to pick it up!

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