Sunday, November 3, 2013

"If I were a rich man"

Random people on the streets of NYC were asked what they were thankful for.  You can view the short video clip here.  As we start the month of November, our family is beginning to focus now on our blessings.  I just celebrated a birthday, and I am grateful for the warm wishes of family and friends...many of whom I haven't heard from in a long time.  So, I"m grateful for facebook, so that I could open a bunch of virtual birthday cards!  I'm grateful for the love of my husband and children, my parents, and extended family.  I'm grateful for the maple tree in my backyard that is burning in orange and red, and the big golden yellow one across the street.  I'm grateful for my health, and that I can enjoy life.  I'm grateful for my trial of depression and anxiety that has now allowed me to see the beauties of life and my healing from Jesus Christ.  I am grateful for a fullness of His gospel, and the ability to learn each day.  I am in awe of the spiritual strength that I receive daily from being a member of His restored church upon the earth.  I am grateful for a living prophet and apostles on the earth today, to guide me and direct me in a world of shifting values.

Most importantly, (and difficult to express in words) I am grateful for the knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father, and His perfect Son Jesus Christ.  That Jesus lived upon the earth to show me the way.  And then, that He suffered for all my pains, sorrows, and fears in Gethsemane, and by so doing, continues to heal me and show me truth, beauty, and love.  Without His atonement and resurrection, I would be nothing, and would not have the glorious potential that only He can show me.  I get glimpses of it now and then, and it is glorious for us all.  These things I know, and many other things I am grateful for. My spiritual eyes are beginning to see more clearly each day, despite the challenges of life.


  1. What a lovely testimony - the video clip was so good. Anytime I can listen to, or read from Dallin H. Oaks, I gain so much! Thanks for posting this.


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