Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finally...My New Wood Floors!

I promised you a tour of my home once my floors were finished.  (For the before pictures, click here.) We haven't installed the baseboards soon as we do, I'm pretty sure they will make an even bigger difference!)  Here we go!

We went with Heritage Hickory engineered floating floor from Lumber liquidators.  It has a hand scraped finish which in my opinion is perfect with kids.  (and even adults)  It is a medium finish which is not too dark, and not too light, so it has been pretty easy to clean.  At least much cleaner than my white flooring.  I do have to keep up more with dust bunnies though.

I ordered the same fabric that Miss Mustard Seed used for her curtains in my piano room.  They aren't finished yet.  I've just clipped them up.  I was dying to see how the fabric would look in there.  I painted my piano bench white (I will share details later), and moved some of the furniture around.

I bought a new wool rug.  I love it, but it "sheds" like crazy!  When will it ever stop?  I guess I need to vacuum it more often.  I'm told that to make it last longer I should  use the vacuum attachment instead of running the vacuum over it.  Now my green estate sale chair is more "anchored" in the room arrangement.

I painted the canvas on the fireplace and distressed it.  I found the idea on pinterest.  Love pinterest.  :)

Here's the foyer.  My husband changed out the old ceiling fixture that was there with a $4.99 chandelier that I found at a yard sale long ago.  It had been sitting in my basement.  Never mind that I hadn't put the last light bulb in.  :)

I found the sea grass rug at TJ Maxx for less than $15.00!  It is just perfect for the space, and I love the look of it.

Again, chunky baseboards will probably finish it all of nicely.  We still have to install the bottom of the dishwasher too. It has been sitting in the garage, and we just keep putting it off.

Once we finished, we found ourselves sliding in our socks all over the floor.  My kids and husband had contests to see who could slide the farthest from the garage door to the desk in the family room!  Whew, it was a lot of work, but soooo worth it!


  1. Absolutely Beautiful, Robyn!

  2. Everything is so pretty! A new wood floor is the best. When we put one in at our last house we slid all over the place too. Often when I'm cleaning I slide around. :)

  3. So Minh and his team had to weave in the old and new wood to create this seamless floor. Can you tell where the walls were removed? Doesn't it look fabulous?Abrasives


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