Monday, January 6, 2014

Tell me the stories of Jesus Activity

Last summer I was the "Activity Day" leader at my church for the girls ages 8 to 11.  It is kind of like the equivalent of girl scouts, except we also have a spiritual focus.  (And there are no fundraisers or dues. Funds for activities come out of our church budget allotted for the organization) We learn to give acts of service, we learn sports, crafts, recipes, and lots more.  One of my favorite activities that we did, I called "Tell me the stories of Jesus" pajama party.  I asked the girls to come prepared to tell one or two of their favorite stories of Jesus.

I invited them to come in their pajamas, and bring a sleeping bag and pillow on our activity night.  We didn't have a sleep over, but it felt like one!  We dimmed the lights, and had popcorn and snacks, as we shared our stories.  I was so impressed with what the girls knew!  It was a special night.  In between sharing, we watched some short bible video clips from here.  Most are short, only a few minutes, but very powerful.

I enjoyed spending time with my own daughter while I was the leader.  They are all such sweet girls.  I will be pinning this idea because I am sure that there are many other activity leaders out there that would enjoy this activity with their girls!

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