Thursday, March 27, 2014

Birds Nests & laundry rooms

It is finally time to update the laundry room.  It has been the most neglected room in my house, (decorating wise), and yet one of the most functional.  It hasn't been painted since we moved in, and the walls were really in bad shape.  It was just not something that I have had a strong desire to tackle.  However, when I bought some cute baskets to put on the shelves, and they started to give way, I knew it was time.  Who knew that they weren't anchored into the studs?  So, my husband took the shelves down, and I got to work, prepping the walls and painting.  On a whim, I painted the ceiling blue, and I'm hoping to finish painting the white walls and shelves today. Then my husband can put the shelves back up, and I can start organizing and decorating again. (pictures soon!)

While I was painting yesterday, a couple of Robins wandered toward the window, looking curiously at me...their orange bellies so huge.  It seemed like they were wondering where to locate the perfect nesting spot.   Then, I woke up early this morning to get some reading done.  While I read, I kept hearing rustling noises outside my front window... I'm convinced it was a mommy robin hopping through the crunchy leaves while gathering the goods to make her nest!  Happy Spring!

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