Sunday, July 13, 2014

Yard sale finds & new displays from old treasures~

Hello! How has your summer been? We have been enjoying one of the longest vacations we have ever taken...a three week trip to Utah.  It's been just enough time to catch up with both sides of our family, and do a little sightseeing.  Anyway, i had been wanting to share some of my fun finds with you before I left, but i didn't have time.

I found this great vintage camera.  I had been looking for one for a long time... one that didn't cost a fortune.  A friend told me that everything was on clearance at my local thrift store one day, and since i had errands to run nearby, i stopped in.  I was so excited when I spotted this camera in the display case for $7.00!  For now, I put it in my sunroom, on top of an old yard sale case, and rummage sale book.  The flower pot was from a yard sale too...eventually I hope to get around to put a plant in it. :)

I brought the barrister bookcases down from my daughter's room, and created a fun little area...

After being inspired by a really cool new antique shop, I decided to look around my house for forgotten treasures that I could use in new creative ways.  I found this black tiered basket that I picked up years ago from a yard sale, just sitting in my basement.

I don't know about you, but I get totally inspired in boutiques and unique little shops.  It causes me to think outside of the box, and realize new locations and uses for objects I already have at home!  It is so fun.  I put some of my vintage aprons and linens in the bookcase.

I'm finding there are perks to helping friends move...sometimes they give you their cast offs!

And then, at another yard sale I found this 8 mm Brownie movie camera!  We don't know how to work it yet, but it sounds like it still works.  Maybe that can be a project for my boys to tackle this summer.  :)

Have you done any rearranging around your house lately?

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  1. I love shopping from my house! I usually do a re-arrange after I take down the Christmas decorations & feel like we need a fresh look.


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