Saturday, September 13, 2014

Trash to Treasure Decorating

I decided my house needed a little makeover.  I love that just by rearranging a few things, I can have a whole new look.  I moved the yard sale globe from on top of the armoire and put it on top of a stack of vintage suitcases in my piano room.  It makes sense, right?  Travel the world...suitcases...I have a little theme going now!  I should have put it there long ago.

We drove past a home in our neighborhood that had an old dresser mirror (minus the mirror) out at the curb.  I had my husband pull over, and I sat there mulling it over... "Do I want it?  No, what would I do with it?  But, I'm sure I could do something with it.  But what?  No, I don't want it.  Ok, yes, I do".  That is pretty much how the conversation went. Over and over in my head.  I finally said, "let's take it". 

It did sit in my garage for a few weeks before I finally got out the hand saw.  I cut out the pediment on the top, threw the middle away, and then saved the bottom for a future project.  One day I might ask my husband to help me mount it over the doorway between the family room and piano room.  But that can wait.  It's a really cool, old piece.

I have this bare wall in the piano room that I have never been quite sure what to do with, and I have some blue transferware plates that I really wanted to hang somewhere.  So, I decided to make a nice little grouping with them.  To get the composition just right, I layed the pediment and the plates down on the floor, and rearranged them a few times.  I wasn't able to use all my plates, which I was a bit sad about, but I'm sure I will find a use for them some time.  I brought out my cherry painting that had been hanging on the door to the garage long ago.  I've improved quite a bit in my painting skills since I painted it, but for some reason, I still love it.  I could never get rid of it, even though I had a hard time finding a place for it.

I decided it went well there in the grouping because I needed a little bit of black to go with the wood. I like to mix wood tones with black and whites.  And here is how it turned out.

The piece in between the two plates?  It was a little vintage yard sale frame that I painted white.  I felt I needed something with red in it to match the red cherries.  So, I found a vintage cross stitched tea towel in my linen stash, and cut it and mounted it in the frame.  (came from a yard sale)  I felt bad cutting it, but I wanted to do something with it, and it was too pretty for my family to use in the kitchen. :)  Besides, it had been sitting in my basement for years.

I forgot to mention that I hot glued the cherry canvas into the white frame!  I needed it to be bigger, so I "framed" it!  It was a little sad, because I used the frame that once housed my faux stain glass piece.  Remember that?  From long ago?  The Plexiglas was a little cracked in one corner, and I didn't have a good window to hang it in, so I just decided to take it apart.

So there you have it...My literal trash to treasure decorating!


  1. Robyn, I love that spot!! The frames look so nice with the cherries and the cross stitch. Love the blue and white plates mixed with that too. The pediment is the perfect crowning touch! Glad you could see the possibility in that piece.

  2. Super cute arrangement! I love wall art that includes unexpected items like your framed towel & pediment. AND, the vintage globe with suitcases is one of my favorite looks. It just invites thoughts of travel.

  3. Love your wall gallery. It looks perfect!


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