Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dollar Tree Bargains!

So, I was at one of the Dollar Tree stores in my area the other day, and I found some great bargains! I had been looking for some storage bins to put on the top shelf of the coat closet, since we don't have a lot of storage in the kitchen.  I needed a place to put medication and other things that didn't have a good home.  These green baskets with handles are so perfect.  I labeled one for each child or purpose with masking tape.  They fit the space nicely, and I love that they have a handle so the kids can easily take down what they need.

Remember this post on decorating with scrapbook paper?  One of the reasons I had stopped in was to see if I could find some large soap boxes to cover with the paper.  I found these big boxes of soap by Soapworks and thought they smelled good enough to use, and then reuse the box to cover with more scrap book paper.  When I was checking out, the lady behind me said, "Oh!  That is good soap!  I am going back to get some!"  Then, I knew I really had something good when I read Melissa's recent post.  I will be heading back to try to get some more, as well as a few of the other things she mentioned in her post.

I had been hanging hand towels from my bird hooks in the half bath, and it just never really worked that well.

So last night I had my husband install this hook on the other side of the sink.  We moved it from the laundry room where my keys were hanging.  (so now we have to do something else there!)  I put this beige towel on it from the Dollar Tree.  Usually I hang black towels so you can't tell when they get stained, but I thought this color would look nicer and serve the same purpose.

I had also been wanting to make my own reflector for photography.  I found a car sun shield from the Dollar Tree to use.  I had a big piece of foam board in the basement that I used as a pattern to trace around the sun shield.  Then I simply hot glued it to the foam board.

Sorry, I forgot to take the "after" picture, but it turned out great!  I'm looking forward to using it soon.

And Finally, I found a bottle of acne cleanser at the Dollar Tree that has the same active ingredient (2% salyclic acid) as the Clean and Clear brand that we use.  Clean and Clear runs about $6 for a small bottle.  And this larger one is only a dollar of course.  Long ago a Walmart lady told me that her kids had tried everything, and Clean and Clear was almost as good as proactive!  (It is important that they put on the moisturizer too though, and I didn't see anything like that at the Dollar store)

The author of this blog post said it worked for her, so I am even more excited at the possibility of it working for my kids, and for the savings!  What bargains have you found?


  1. I am so bummed because my dollar tree didn't have any of that wonderful soap. But, they had Ivory soap in reproduction classic blue & white wrappers. I bought five just to put on display in my bathroom. I also bought some orange metal buckets for fall decor.

    1. Kim, I saw those classic blue and white Ivory soaps also, and almost picked some of them up! I think they would look great displayed! Sorry you couldn't locate the others, but I'm glad you came away with something else fun!

  2. Yay for the dollar tree! I love your idea of using the car shield for a photography reflector. Brilliant! I love the soap you found too, I didn't see that one..

  3. I've seen that soap too and grabbed a few bars, kicking myself for not grabbing more because of course now they're all gone. Love your clever idea for photography. Thanks so much for sharing, Robyn!


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