Friday, January 16, 2015

A Fresh Start & Tips

The past couple of days have been WONDERFUL!  After a real downer day on Wednesday, I wasn't sure if the heaviness in my heart would ever lift.  That is the beauty of a new day.  Things will get better eventually...that gives us hope.  Just like the sun will always rise again.

Starting small, (creatively speaking) I "played with my blues" by shading with blue pencils in a notebook.  Miraculously, a repeated symbol came from deep within my subconscious.  It is a blue balloon.  A symbol that has great meaning for me.  It is always so fascinating when I am able to make connections through my art.  You would think it would propel me to draw more often, but I am taking baby steps.  I found this really cute burlap pencil case at TJ Maxx for $5. The pencils inside weren't that great, so I decided to buy my first box of prismacolor colored pencils with my 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby instead.  I felt like this might give my inner artist something to chew on.

Something else pretty amazing happened.  I was going to put a few of the last Christmas decorations away, and I noticed how pretty the pink inside of the shoe box looked next to the little tree.  I had just bought Grace some new jazz shoes for a play that she is in at school.  The inside of the box is a pretty pink, with little white polka dots.  My first thought was to cut the box into hearts to hang on the tree for Valentine's day.

Instead, I taped them to fishing line and made a banner for my fireplace...

It was a quick and easy project, and the process of creating it made me feel great.

Speaking of feeling great, I can't recommend "Yoga with Adriene" enough!  You can find her on youtube.  Right now she is doing "30 days of yoga", but you can search through all of her videos for anything you are looking for.  (Yoga for when you are sick, Yoga for a bad back, Yoga for stronger abs, or flexibility...or whatever)  She is cute and fun, and I love her to death.  I also like the convenience of rolling out my yoga mat in the convenience of my own home.

And meditation, I'm doing it whenever I can.  There have been definite links between symbols in my meditation and my art which promotes healing.

Going along with the idea of starting fresh this new year, I wanted to share a couple of cleaning tips.  Several weeks ago, I filled up a squirt bottle with a little vinegar and water.  I put it next to my shower.  Every morning when we're done showering, we spray down the shower curtain and inside of the tub.  Can I tell you that because of this I haven't had to clean my shower in weeks?  It is so great!

And, if you are in a purging/organizing mood, you may want to check out this link!

Have a great weekend my friends

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