Friday, January 23, 2015

$4.00 Valentine & Spring Pillowcases

Do you shop at Walmart?  If so, when was the last time you checked out their fabric selection?  I was walking past their fabric aisle the other day on my way to get groceries, and this adorable fabric by Waverly caught my eye!  I love the Paris street scenes.  Don't you?

My friend had asked me to make a Valentine pillowcase for her daughter who is on a church mission, and I just knew this fabric would be perfect.  I combined it with a little pink geometric pattern and a red and white polka dot cuff (both from Walmart).  My mom gave me the pillowcase directions at Christmas, but I had a hard time following the instructions without pictures.  We ended up having to Skype so she could show me how to do it!  Since then, I found that there are many similar tutorials on Pinterest....Of course there are!  See here and here.  It was a very simple, fast project once I knew what I was doing.

They have the same print in different dye lots.  But, the only other one I liked was this one.  In fact, I love this one!

So, I made a couple to give to Grace on her birthday (since she loves all things French) and another to gift.  I think it only cost about $4.00 in fabric, and took 20 or so minutes to make.

I've been reading Brene Brown's book again...The Gifts of Imperfection.  I just love her and her research.  If you are in need of a little self love, (or a lot), I highly recommend her books.  

Happy Friday,


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