Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Decorating for Spring

Although we shoveled ice this morning, I'm pretending that it is spring inside of my house today!  I have had so much fun decorating lately.  Yesterday I stopped at Goodwill, and found this old clipboard for 99 cents!  I had a spring time little Golden Book that I picked up a long time ago at a rummage sale (just for the pictures inside).  I've realized that if I really like something, eventually I find a way to use it in my home.  I took out my favorite picture from the book, and clipped it to the board.  

Then I hung it on a bare cabinet back in my kitchen using a self adhesive hook.

I think it turned out so darn cute!  And, I can change out the pictures with the seasons, or whenever I find something fun to clip up.  I mentioned I have been sewing.  See the fabric at the left?  I made curtains for over my kitchen sink, and in the breakfast nook.  I fell in love with this navy and white fabric.  It really warms up and ties the whole kitchen together.  Also, it looks so cute with the green walls.

Here it is in the breakfast nook...

Look at these cute recycled glasses that I got at TJ Maxx.  They were only $1.99 each.  I bought them to try to make a couple of hanging lights in the window, but decided to leave them as they are for now.  I put tea lights in them last night, and they looked so pretty.  The cutting board is the one I was telling you about the other day that I got at the thrift store half off.

I am saving for marble counter tops. (well quartz that looks like marble).  In the mean time, I have cleared off the counters just to make a little more room.  I keep the toaster under the counter now, and made this little vignette.  I picked up the bread board at Marshalls.

I have another old clipboard that I picked up at a yard sale, so I clipped another favorite image from the book.  I'm not sure where to put this one yet...

I hope it won't be long and we will be saying "Spring, Spring, Spring!" like the robin! 


  1. Yep, those blue panels do look FABULOUS, Robyn! Love it

  2. I love the shade of green on your walls. Thank you for helping us think spring--positive thoughts always make a difference. :)


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