Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lucky Green~

As you have probably noticed, green is one of my favorite colors.  Not just any green will do.  It has to be in the same color family of my chair, my walls, and my pillows.  It's kind of a vintage green...bright, and fun.  Playful. 

Do you remember my luck canvas?  I think I sold a few in my etsy shop.  Anyway, I have a couple for me, and one that didn't sell.  I was wondering if it didn't sell because it wasn't framed.  I pulled mine out, and it just looked bare.  So, I decided to paint a frame!  And, I think it looks much better!  I just used various strokes of different shades of brown.

By the way, I just made the banner from a package of  thrift store paper, and yard sale ribbon.  I spray mounted the paper to black card stock, and then cut out triangles using a pattern I made.  Then I hot glued the ribbon to the top.

Remember the nest painting I made?  I decided it looked too plain also, so I painted a frame for it as well. :)  What do you think?

And, here is the after...


  1. I like them framed! Love those colors too!

  2. I can totally paint frames on things too ... haha, just kidding. Great job, you are so talented!


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