Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fun Finds

Spring cleaning/organizing is in full swing at my house.  If I can't think of a good use for something, I know it's time to get rid of it.  And, believe me, I am thinking really hard about how to recycle/ upcycle every little thing before I part with it.  I look at each piece and think, can I paint it? Can I put it in a different room?  How can I use it in an unconventional way?  Can I add something to it?  I don't buy a lot of things, and I don't like to see money wasted by throwing things away that I have purchased in the past.  I'm funny that way.

I also think that giving new life to old things is part of the fun in being creative.  I found this needlepoint that my mother in law made of what appears to be morning glory flowers.  I don't think it was really my style long ago, and I tucked it away.  Yet, I found it recently and decided that  I really like it now, and that it would add the perfect pop of blue on top of my mantle.  It is supposed to be hung vertical, but I thought it looked pretty sideways, and on an easel.  It's funny how tastes change over the years.  Remember the state flower embroidery?  I probably wouldn't have given it a second glace 10 years ago.  And now I love it!

I moved one of my favorite vintage prints from the family room wall to the hearth.  It didn't really work in the location that I had it, and now I can look at it all the time.  For some reason, I am drawn to paintings and pictures of mountains.  I think it brings me back to my childhood, and the beautiful mountains in Western Montana.

I have lots of pictures and paintings of mountains in my home.  Even on my fridge!  The photograph below was from a calendar that our insurance company sent us.  I didn't need the calendar, but I couldn't part with the photograph, so I tore it out and threw the rest away!  I am just noticing another theme on my refrigerator that I hadn't intentionally put together... Perhaps I am looking for more peace in my life?  It's funny how I hadn't noticed that until now...

I have pictures of temples, which are the most peaceful place on earth for me.  And, a painting of a woman entitled "A Peaceful Heart".

And, this is one of my favorite paintings by Jeff Hein.  I saw it in the Washington D.C. temple as a larger than life size print or painting.  Here is a better view of it.  Mine is just a clipping from a magazine.  It is of Jesus Christ with the Nephite children.  It reminds me of this incredibly beautiful passage  every time I see it in my kitchen.  

I found these beauties at the Goodwill.  The smaller, more modern pitcher cost more than the larger ironstone one!  Go figure.  By the way, they only had the ironstone one priced at $1.97

I also found this pediment at the thrift store when they had their half off sale.  I guess it is time to take down the last of my winter decorations.  After I got the kids off this morning, I feel back asleep.  I awoke to the sweetest noises outside.  Birds were chirping and chattering, and it sounded like they were poking through old leaves on the ground to find materials for their nests.  They were a noisy bunch, but I absolutely loved listening to them!

They say it's official.  Spring arrives on Friday!  I will welcome her with open arms, even if there is still snow on the ground. ;)

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