Thursday, January 6, 2011

My sister in law's beautiful home

We spent the entire week of Christmas break with my husband's brother and his family.  We have so much fun together!  My sister in law (who happens to be my best friend) has excellent taste, and a keen eye for beauty.  She is very talented and is a compassionate nurse and mother.  She is also a fabulous cook, seamstress, photographer, decorator, crafter, shopper, and she supports me in all of my creative endeavors.  I credit her for helping me define my decorating style.  I am also flattered that many of my paintings are in her home!  Come along with me as we tour her gorgeous home...

of course, she made this centerpiece

as well as the chalkboard.

She photocopied sheet music, stuck it in a frame, and glued this cute little bird's nest in it. (I think she got it from JoAnn's)

My favorite thing that I saw when I walked in the door, was this cloche, and the adorable vignette that she created inside of it.  She decorated the inside of it with vintage reindeer, white snow, miniature silver sparkly ornaments, a cute little house, and then hung a tiny snowflake from the top of the cloche.

Her nativity is beautiful (click to enlarge)

I like how she displayed the house on a silver platter

She will be painting the walls in this dining room cream soon.

We picked up matching pedestal tables (below) at a thrift store last year (to paint white).  I'm glad she hasn't painted hers yet either!

One of her favorite quotes on a chalkboard

I have always loved this shabby cottage sign.  And look! there's my sheep painting again!  (You may have seen it on my bookshelf at the top of my stairs that I refinished.  We took a trip to France together, and I painted these sheep that were grazing in the French countryside.  (reproductions will be on my new etsy shop coming soon!) :)

The little round frame has pretty scrapbook paper in it instead of a photo.  A great way to add a little pattern and color.

I think she made this valence out of linen napkins?  I love the vintage stained glass window.  It adds so much character.~a great architectural detail.

She put a little, glittered, greeting card in a frame

A simple bowl full of ornaments on her island,

and peppermint candy jars on the counter.  (I like the framed silhouette too!)

She is the queen of cute table linens. ~some she makes, some she buys. (See them folded below)

I love this turquoise sideboard

another gorgeous centerpiece that she made
(click to enlarge)

I used to think she was crazy for spending the money on Hallmark ornaments.  Now, I see she was on to something.  These collectibles are so classic.  My daughter loved playing with them.  (such as watching the ballerinas from the Nutcracker twirl around in their little gazebos).  We stopped in Hallmark after Christmas when they were half price, and I bought some for next year!  And, of course, she made the tree skirt, (I think she got the idea from Pottery Barn a few years ago?)

I just have to show you the huge, beautiful new print that she displays over her sofa now.  It is of the Salt Lake City temple.  This is where she and my brother in law were married for eternity.  (My husband and I were married there also).  It is amazing.  (Talk about architectural details!  You must see the temple in person!)

We got together some time ago, and I taught her how to create these faux, stained glass vintage windows.  I will probably be selling those on etsy also.

Even the laundry room has eye candy!  Look at this cute display of spools of thread.  

The lighting was bad for photographing in the bathroom, but you get the idea~ cute.

One of my paintings from Monet's garden.

Moss covered pine cones in a basket on a bookshelf

Holy smokes! I didn't realize that I took so many photos!  And I have more of my nieces bedroom that we painted while I was there.  I'll save those for another day!


  1. Gorgeous home! The peppermint candies in those awesome jars & the turquoise buffet are my faves. Happy New Year!

  2. Simply gorgeous..I love the turquoise buffet..Can't wait to see the bedroom you painted while there..

  3. Every detail in your sister in law's home is so pretty. I love how the home feels so cozy and pretty at the same time. I'll be looking at these again. :)


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