Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the cutest shoes

Since my parents were in town this weekend, I decided to take them to the thrift store while we were out shopping.  (I love that my dad actually likes to go with us!)  I found the cutest shoes ever!  Brand new.

I love the leather rosettes.  Don't they look like they could be Anthropologie shoes?

They're not~they are by Born. (those really expensive comfortable shoes that I would never pay full price for)  They were only $15, and I didn't even pay for them ~mom did.  Thanks mom!  She's the greatest.  Yes, a little expensive for thrift store, but new and worth it to me!

My parents left yesterday.  This is what my dad left behind.~on purpose.  (Some clothes and a bag that he brought on the trip.)  Why?  for me to take to the thrift store!

He always does that.  He gives new meaning to giving the clothes off your back!  How many of us can say that we come home with less stuff on our trip than we brought with us?  Definately not me!  


  1. Super cute shoes! I have found Born shoes at TJ Maxx and they are so, so comfortable!! Enjoy them!

  2. I love good finds at the thrift store! Nothing beats them!!

  3. Your dad sounds like an amazing man and your mom, perfect. It's such a great feeling to have wonderful parents who still spoil you. I don't know about you but when my folks visit, I feel like a kid all over again, showing off my stuff and what I've done and getting that 'way to go! we think you're awesome and we love you' from my parents. They make me realize I will never stop being their little girl...and they will never stop loving me, no matter how old we get. Makes me want to be a better mom. So glad you had fun with your family.


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