Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ode to Orange

I would love to have this vintage Halloween dress from etsy. 

My marigolds were putting on quite a show outside, so I brought them in to showcase their color.

I love the bittersweet on the mantle and the pillows on the chairs in this photo.

The jack o' lantern in the middle reminds me of Charlie Brown's shirt.   I'm going to get out a sharpie and draw on my pumpkins the same way.  (just the way I think a pumpkin should be made up~nothing too fancy or scary!) 

I tore this picture out of a magazine a couple years ago, and thought about trying to recreate this dress, until I realized that my daughter would probably never wear it.

I'm starting to see these!
image via

I'm thinking about making this recipe from Country Living. 
I wonder where I can get a cake stand like that.



  1. oh this post makes me sooo happy! lol
    The cake stand looks like the Cloche stands that are all over blogworld??? right?
    Love the vintage dresses!

  2. What kind of cake is it?? is the recipe online? :)

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    It is the festive fall pumpkin cake with buttercream icing! The recipe is on country living's website.

  4. Tana,
    Hilarious! I see now how this post fits you perfectly! Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for commenting!


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