Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teacher gifts

For those of you who live near one of the "Christmas Tree shops" stores, they have some fantastic deals on teacher's gifts for Christmas!  I stopped in yesterday to pick up some candles and found monogrammed tote bags there for $1.99 (small size) and $4.99 (large size)!!!  They are very nice, sturdy, canvas bags.  They come trimmed in cranberry or gold, and in a variety of different letters.  This one...

is the smaller $1.99 size.  I will be giving it to Mrs. Leverington!  It is the perfect size to fill with some of my standard teacher gifts (like our family's favorite Christmas DVD, and a nice pillar candle)  I might even monogram the candle like I did for my feature at ucreate crafts.  (I will repost that tutorial next week).   The candle was about $2 at the same store, and I already had the DVD.  So the total of this gift comes to less than $5!

Next, I bought the large $4.99 monogrammed tote for Mrs. Spering!   Is there a teacher that couldn't use a tote bag?~and a pretty personalized one at that?  I will roll it up and tie it with a big fat chocolate brown satin ribbon, and stick it in a plain, brown paper gift bag for her.  It is a nice enough gift, that I don't feel I need to add anything more.

If you don't live near a "Christmas Tree Shop", you can learn how to create these teacher treat jars here at  The idea is to find out what your teacher's favorite candy is, purchase a jar, and print off a label to stick on the lid.  (you can make your own label, or print off one of theirs).

I think a box of clementines or fruit is a nice idea also.  I know teachers can always use supplies for their classroom as well.  A gift certificate to a teacher's supply store just might be the most perfect gift of all.  I will be giving the tote bags right after Thanksgiving.  That way, they will get an early gift to use and enjoy, and I won't have to worry about remembering to get it to them on the very busy last day of school before Christmas break starts!

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  1. What is a christmas tree shop? is that secret code for something? lol..

  2. I wish we had a Christmas Tree Shop, those are some cute bags for cheap!

  3. So darling. You are always thinking so creatively and thoughtfully with your gifts. The gold trim on these bags is amazing

  4. Those are all great ideas...I LOVE CTS, there's a lot of junk there but there are also some really great deals.

    I haven't seen your ucreate feature but here's another idea for what you could do with the candle:


  5. I love the Christmas Tree Shop! We don't have them here in VA, so I make my sister take me when I'm in MA.

  6. What a deal!! The teacher will love it! Visiting from CentsationalGirl Xmas Craft Linky Party!

  7. Very pretty tote bag! I'm sure the container of treats will be much appreciated, too. :)

  8. these are cute gift ideas, perfect for getting the kiddos in the spirit of giving for christmas! i'd love to have you link up this post to my christmas party!

  9. Its nice to see our bags put to such a good use.

    We do those tote bags to CTS year round in differnt patterns.



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