Saturday, December 4, 2010

christmas vignette & more (and a little freebie!)

 I have so much to share with you today!  First off, thank you all for helping me reach 205 followers!  I am absolutely thrilled!  I love you and your comments.  Sharing what I love brings me so much happiness, and fulfills my passion for creativity.  Blogging definitely has its ups and downs, and is a lot of hard work,  but every time I see a new follower or read a comment from you, it reminds me that it is all worthwhile!  Thank you for spreading the word about my site!  I am happy to report that the holiday shop

went very well, especially considering that there were many more "crafters" this year.  I sold out of almost everything, except the little poinsettia pins, a few "crystal necklaces", and one frame.  From what my daughter said, the little notebooks, and "no boys/girls allowed" door signs went like hot cakes.  Did I show you those?  I had little canvas boards that I painted on for the kids to hang on their bedroom doors.

I still have some of these little cuties left, and in some ways I'm kind of glad~I don't think the little guys can really appreciate how fun these little hair clips would be in little girl/ baby's hair.  They would work on any little baby girl or any little girl with even minimal locks~especially since they are made of craft foam and are so light weight!

So, it you want one or two, let my know ( your address, and I will pop them in the mail to you. (no charge, just a little gift to my fantastic followers).  By the way, more gifts to come!  In fact, I will be the guest blogger at Everyday Mom Ideas on Monday, and will sharing an easy, 50 cent, addicting winter craft with Julia's readers, and I will be giving my first official giveaway along with it!  I am so excited!  So you will definitely want to check in on Monday and I will direct you.

Two years ago, I found these jars (see below) at the thrift store, and decided I wanted to fill them with classic peppermint candy.  I stumbled upon the large candy cane sticks at the Dollar Tree (they still have them if you want to pick some up!) and the classic peppermints at a hardware store.  However, the candy sticks wouldn't fit into my jar, so I "sawed" them in half with a serrated knife!  My kids haven't touched them.  I told them right off the bat that they were for decoration only, and now they wouldn't want to eat them anyway because they are so old!  I know I'm a mean mom!  But, they get plenty of candy~(see here).

By the way, did you see Lisa from  Paint in my hair 's comment about my advent calendar mishap?  She came up with the perfect solution!  She puts family activity ideas on slips of paper (holiday activities that the family will be doing anyway) in each pocket of her advent calendar!  Why didn't I think of that?  Especially since I posted this.  Next year I can use my pottery barn advent calendar, and do the same!~the genius of her!  (Lisa, if you are reading, I tried to contact you but wasn't able to! thank you!!)

I like my peppermint jars so much, they move around from place to place in my house!!!

I hope you are enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday season!  Thank you again for following me, my wonderful friends!  Come back Monday to check out my FABULOUS feature and for another week of creative fun!


  1. Love how you used your milk glass. I need to get mine out and use it as part of my Christmas Decor too.

  2. I love your simple an festive peppermint decor!

  3. I love the peppermint decor! So charming!

  4. I love the peppermints too! However your last picture is sooooooooooo beautiful I love love love it! I especially like the large milk glass compote with the single candle and the greenery in the other pieces! I have also been using my milk glass for Christmas.

    :) Michelle

  5. SO SO SO great!! You are so sweet to give out those precious clips, and I love the peppermint jars!!! Happy holidays :)

  6. What a great post! Thanks for linking up at tatertotsandjello!

    I'd love for you to check out my blog! and maybe give some bloggin' love!

    Mucho love,

  7. Robyn, how pretty it all is! Thanks for joining the party.I love your green beadboard, so pretty!

  8. Love the peppermint decor! I found some sticks at Walmart and have been trying to figure out what I would do with them. Now I know :). Found you from Tatertots! Now I am following you :)

  9. Very Pretty! I love how you used the peppermint!


  10. You are so sweet! I'm glad you liked the idea ... and I LOVE the peppermint decor! Might have to give that a try myself.

  11. PS Thanks for letting me know my email wasn't hooked up. I think I got it fixed!

  12. How pretty! Milk glass is so classic, great job!

  13. Hi, I found you from Centsational Girl - love your site and your candy jars - they look so festive and simple. I am definitely borrowing this idea from you! :) Thanks!

  14. Too pretty, so simple. The green paint on your beadboard is beautiful, BTW.

  15. Okay, next year I want to go to your school's Holiday Shop. Our's was last Saturday and it was so sad! It was seriously about the lamest thing I have ever seen! And I can't believe I missed out on your hair barrettes. If you still have any you don't have to mail it to me. I could get it from you on Sunday.

  16. Love how they look and your photography is lovely, too!

  17. Very crisp and fresh looking! The peppermint just pops through the glass!

    Nice vignette!


  18. I love your peppermint jars, especially against the green wall. It is very simplistic but pretty!

  19. I love the red and white ... so crisp and fresh!
    And now you have 228 followers!
    Thanks for linking~
    All Things Heart and HOme

  20. I love the red and white- the peppermint is so fun and makes for a perfect display~ thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  21. Hi! I just found your blog at D.Speaking, love the jars with the peppermint sticks, and I'm a big fan of milk glass too! I'm your newest follower hope you will stop by I'd love it if you did just started this newest blog of mine in July.


  22. Hi, I like your blog, and hope to see you on mine. I'm your newest followers now. :)

  23. Robyn- Adore your sweet peppermint jars! I posted the image (linked back to you!) of your mantle on my blog!

    Happy Holidays!


    p.s. It's my mantle that's te "Tale of Woe" in the title, not yours!


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