Saturday, January 22, 2011

An easy photography tip

I’m by no means a professional photographer, but I think the photos below look pretty darn professional!  The secret to these stunning photos?  A flat, black bed sheet for the backdrop that I bought at Walmart!  After my brother and sister in law had their first baby, I jumped a the chance to take photos with them and my sweet little nephew.  We were all visiting my parents in Montana that year for Christmas.  While I think that outdoor photos are the most flattering, there was no way we could step outside for a photo shoot in the winter~especially with a new baby.

IMG_0313 (2)

So, I had to think of a way to set up a “studio” in my mom and dad’s home.  I knew that their kitchen received a lot of southern light, so that was my first choice to take the photos.  However, I knew that the kitchen cupboards in the background wouldn’t quite cut it, so I had to come up with a backdrop.  I headed over to Walmart and found black flat bed sheets on clearance!  I think I bought a queen, or a King, and the total came to less than $10!  I brought it home, draped it in front of the cupboards and snapped away!  Of course, I had to take a bunch of photos to end up with a handful of really good ones. 

IMG_0335 (2)best

IMG_0209 (2)


What do you think?


  1. well, i AM a professional photographer and i LOVE that first shot especially! great work! :)

  2. They are adorable, great idea with the black sheet!

  3. Great pics!!! I have some up on my blog today that I took too!

  4. Beautiful, professional looking pictures! Great job. Loved reading your testimony today too. I'll be back. Mimi

  5. I'll say it again- I think you're amazing. The photos you took of our family are some of my absolute favorites and so many turned out well. Love the black and whites here.

  6. You did a great job!!!
    I love that baby face!!!!! How sweet!


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