Thursday, January 20, 2011

Favorite Valentine crafts and displays

IMG_0466 (2) 
Valentine's Day is the holiday that I love decorating for the most!  Why?  because I love red and I love white, and I love red and white together!  Of course I have to show you how my favorite shop decorates for the holiday...

IMG_0467 (2)

I could just stare, and stare, and stare.  I love the wreaths on the doors too.

Remember the craft, cooking, and sewing classes that I told you about here?  Well, during one of the classes we made these tissue paper hearts for Valentine's Day.  I used to make these when I was a little girl, and these girls seemed to have just as much fun as I did.  All you do is cut out some cardboard hearts (recycle shoe boxes or the backs of spiral notebooks) and a bunch of square pieces of tissue paper.  (maybe 1 inch x 1 inch or so).  Next, place the flat eraser end of a pencil on the center of a tissue square.  Wrap the edges of the tissue paper around the pencil.  Coat some glue on the cardboard, then push the tissued covered pencil onto the glue.  Lift the pencil out of the tissue paper mold and repeat with the other squares until the heart is covered.  Hang with ribbon or give away.  I love the texture of this craft.  Besides, it's' easy~you can't mess up.


This is one of the "monogrammed" bags that the girls sewed during their sewing class.  I found this vintage polyester pink polka dot fabric for the project.~I love it.


Of course we had to make cupcakes and decorate them all fancy~including chocolate hearts to top them off that the girls had piped out of melted chocolate chips and set on wax paper to harden.  We put them in plastic disposable cupcake holders from a cake decorating store and tied them up with red and white polka dot ribbon (of course!)  I made the little aprons that they are wearing ahead of time.  They made the red wooden bracelets out of the Christmas tree garland that I showed you here.

I definitely got my red and white fix! :)  have a great day!



  1. Mmmmm cupcakes! I may have to make some today, they look yummy. I need to go to that store someday, looks like a fun place to walk around.
    Happy Thursday!

  2. Thank you. This has inspired me for an activity I will be doing with my young women at church.


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