Wednesday, February 16, 2011

just a little bathroom makeover…

*UPDATE*!  My Hobby Lobby is clearancing out of a lot of their furniture!  I just stopped by and most things are 30% off, but I found some great "scratch and dents" for 80% off!

 Remember when I talked about painting the ceiling black here?  I had converted a sheet into a shower curtain for the master bathroom years ago.  I liked it, but decided it was time for a change.  Lucky for me, my husband was given a gift certificate to Target over the holidays from work, so of course I had to spend it!  I used the gift certificate to buy this toile shower curtain from there.  I don't think toile will ever go out of style.  Do you?

I also found

this simply shabby bath mat~ love it.


Then I headed on over to Hobby Lobby while their metal wall art was 50% off and picked up this beauty.  It came to less than $10.00.  I hung it by black satin baby blanket binding from Walmart!  I already had the blanket binding from other projects.  However, I noticed recently that Walmart also has wide wedding sash ribbon that is perfect for bow making.  (especially on wreaths).


Happy Tuesday~


  1. I've been back and forth with that shower curtain I think I had it in my buggy twice and put it back, thanks for showing how beautiful it does look. Oh, and I do love the rug!

  2. Your bathrooms new additions are so pretty. The curtain and the rug look so nice together.


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