Monday, March 28, 2011

turning an old pendant into a chic personalized accessory

Remember Jane?  I know, it's been awhile since we've seen her.  Today she is modeling one of my favorite accessories.  When searching through some old jewelry at a yard sale, I ran across a pendant with a photo in it.  The man at the sale was obviously unattached to the person in the photo and the necklace because he sold it to me for 15 cents!  (You gotta love it when guys are selling their wive's stuff at yard sales.  They just want to get rid of everything, and they practically give it to you for free!)


 I took it home, peeled off the photo in the pendant, dug out our atlas and traced a circle around Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty location on the map, using the old photo as a pattern.  (I have visions of my husband holding up the atlas the next time we go to Manhattan and peering through a perfectly cut hole where the Statue of Liberty should be!)  Then I popped it into the pendant and stuck it on a chain.





oops.  how did that cute little dress that I just made for little Loralei get in here? :)

  I had been on the look out for a pendant ever since I had seen this idea at an art show.  Their version was $40, and I just couldn't justify that.  The fun part is, you can cut out any place you want.  (a location of a favorite family trip, where you were born, where you would like to visit, where your anscestors came from etc.)  So the next time you pass by an inexpensive pendant~snatch it up and think of the possibilities!

By the way, Jane also models an old Navy thrift store top that I bought, as well as an Express belt.  (The total came to less than $5).  Have a great day my fabulous followers!


  1. Such a great idea with the pendant! And Loralei's sweet dress makes me smile every time I see it, she got so many compliments yesterday! Can't wait to keep you busy with more orders ;)

  2. and I must add, Loralei looked absolutely darling! (as usual) Thanks Jamie!


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