Friday, April 1, 2011

a decorating question and the cutest April fool's day joke

Happy April 1st!  I opened the car door to take Ty to the bus stop this morning, and this is what I saw...

IMG_1266    IMG_1263



For her April Fool's day joke, Grace had buckled her stuffed animals into all of the seat belts!  It was so cute, it made my day!

I'm hoping for your opinion.  We have a regular wood burning fireplace that we don't use much anymore.  I think we are the last ones on the planet without a large flat screen TV.  (This is typical of our family.  We were the last to get an answering machine, the last to get high speed Internet, and no~we don't even have wireless!  I kind of like not feeling like we have to keep up with everything.)  Anyway, we still keep our TV tucked away in the armoir.  But in this month's issue of Good Housekeeping, I saw this...


The TV is tucked into the fireplace spot!  When we decide to buy a large, flat screen, this idea would actually work perfect for us.  The way that our family room is set up only leaves one spot for the sofa~which faces the fireplace.  It is a raised fireplace with a hearth, so it is right at eye level.  Do you think we should replace our fireplace with a flat screen TV?  I don't really want the eyesore above the mantel.  I have a large, beautiful mirror there.  What do you think?  Maybe we could buy one of those dvd's with fire burning if we missed having a fire!


  1. Ok that is so cute!!
    That would make your whole day!

    Robyn I'm a lover of fire places, especially real fireplaces! But I'm in Colorado and it's the land of snow!
    I'd saw if the fireplace is eye level so you're not looking down then do it!

    And just so you know, I just got a flat screen myself.......and I kinda miss my old 2 ton TV!! I think the picture was better!

  2. We live in southeast Texas which probably explains why I have never be a fireplace fan. Our fireplace is just under eye level but we couldn't stand the 'black hole' in our family room. We found an art poster that we both liked then used decoupage to attach it to a board cut to size. Instant art with a fireplace frame. :) We love it.

    I think your TV idea is brilliant! Go for it.

  3. YES!!!! That is such a cool idea. I had one of those fire place dvds in college and it even made popping and crackling sounds :)

  4. Great idea! Especially if you don't use your fireplace. Loved the stuffed animals all safe for a ride in the car. Mimi

  5. Love your blog, and love this idea!!!


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