Monday, May 23, 2011

A bargain for $3 total.

I don't know what exactly you call this pitcher and bowl.  What I do know is that it caught my eye at a recent yard sale.  I looked underneath the bowl and saw the initials MFG 1975.  There were two young adult siblings running the sale, and I asked about it.  They said that their mom had made it, and they didn't know anything more.  I wondered if their mother had passed away?  Anyway, I thought it was beautiful.  I asked, "How much?"  They said, "$2.00"  As I stood considering, another lady stood by watching.  I said, "okay, I'll get it."  The other lady said, "If you didn't get it, I would have!"  It is beautiful, and huge.  I thought that even just the bowl was worth way more than that.  It would look so pretty filled with lemons, or fruit.

I had a really nice visit with a lady from Europe at another sale.  I talked to her for a long time...partly because she had some great stuff that I wanted to hear the history of, and partly because I just loved listening to her accent!  It was there that I scored some beautiful vintage linens and lamps (photos soon).  One of which was this lilac colored rose tablecloth for $1!  As I looked through the linens, she said, "Oh yes, those were gentler times.  People don't use them anymore."  She kept referring to "gentler times", and I thought, "Yes, times aren't quite so gentle now."


Now, whenever I look at my linens, I am glad that I have a piece or two from "gentler times".  I think of her, and I am happy to reuse things of beauty, in a world that doesn't always seek beauty.  A bargain for $3, yet worth a whole lot more.


  1. They are both so beautiful! Great finds- I love that tablecloth.

  2. I love that phrase "a gentler time" so very true. the tablecloth is so pretty and the Love the pitcher. What a great deal to find them all for $3. I'd say that was a great garage sale day.


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